I hadn’t seen a field of tulips before, so I decided to visit my favorite garden in Mie which is Nabana No Sato.  This place changes the flowers depending on the season.  I remember in autumn it had cosmos festival.  And I think by the end of May,  a new set of flowers will be planted as soon as the tulips have withered.

DSCF6758DSCF6888DSCF6885DSCF6879DSCF6877DSCF6870DSCF6866DSCF6854DSCF6852DSCF6825DSCF6760How To Go There:

Go to Meitetsu Bus Center just somewhere at the back of Nagoya Station.  Buy a ticket to Nabana no Sato.  Here’s the bus schedule. (*Schedule may change without prior notice.)




Begonia Garden

There is a secret garden in a place called Nabana no Sato.  Nabana no Sato is a theme park located in Mie Prefecture, Japan.  I explored that park before for its Winter Illumination but I didn’t even stumble on that garden.

I refer to the Begonia Garden in Nabana no Sato as a secret place because I didn’t know such an ethereal place is confined in what looks like a simple building from the outside.  I just happened to see a picture of it in Instagram and I was like “I didn’t see it when I went to Nabana no Sato!”. That led me to take a second visit.  When I was there, I spent more than half of my time just within that big garden.  It was enough to cool myself during a very humid August summer.

The first room that you’ll enter is filled with Begonias.  According to the American Begonia Society, Begonias have 1500 different species and they can grow from a mere few inches high to more than 12 feet.  For me, they looked like roses, just a little bit bigger.  The begonias on display in Nabana no Sato come in different colors.  Each begonia is planted in a pot.  There seemed to be like a hundred of potted begonia plants arranged carefully inside the huge greenhouse.

When you move on to the other parts of the glass building, you’ll see different kinds of plants and colorful flowers.  I think what makes the place more exquisite are the hanging plants that look like art installations.  Before you eventually make an exit, there is an area that for me would definitely be a perfect venue for a dream garden wedding.  The medium-sized fountain pond filled with floating colorful water lilies and lotus flowers creates a perfect balance to such a flower-packed setting. Everything seems to be in place.  Just have that special someone and your entourage!

The Begonia Garden in Nabano no Sato somehow reminds me that life is beautiful and colorful.  And that it is possible to have that kind of beauty around us if we just continue to care and protect nature.


This is just one of the sceneries that you can enjoy in Nabana No Sato.



There is a restaurant inside the big garden.


How To Go There:

Refer to my previous post.