Hana Festa, Kani City

Flower parks are heaven on earth.  Standing in the middle of a field surrounded by lovely flowers makes me feel like I’m somewhere surreal.  I feel thankful that Japan has a number of flower fields that I can go to and enjoy.  I consider flower fields as one of my favorite destinations for travel.

Just around 25 minutes from where I live in Gifu Prefecture, there’s a city with a flower field famous for its different species of roses. Aside from roses, you can also see other kinds of flowers.  The name of the place is Hana Festa Commemorative Park which is located in Kani City.  It was the month of October, so I went there to see a field of cosmos.

The place is difficult to go to because of the lack of public transportation.  When I reached Kani station, I actually tried to ask one local if there was a bus going there on that particular hour, but unfortunately there was none.  So I decided to take the taxi.  The distance from the station to Hana Festa was a little bit far.  I had a chat with the taxi driver, and he mentioned about his travel to the Philippines.  After he dropped me off, I was concerned on how I could get home, so I still had to ask him how to get a taxi.

There is an entrance fee when you go inside Hana Festa.  Lucky for me, entrance was free during that time.  I forgot how much I paid for the taxi but I think it was a bit expensive because I felt quite relieved knowing that I didn’t have to pay the site’s entrance fee.

Hana Festa is huge.  Even though I had a map, I still asked one of the gardeners where the cosmos field was.  I already walked a long distance and I wanted to get to the cosmos field before I ran out of energy.  You’ll have moments when you’ll feel like you are the only person around.  There were a number of times when I saw no one in sight which gave me perfect opportunities to do selfies or use my monopod.

Hana Festa is a relaxing place to go to especially if you are just in a nearby city or somewhere in Tono region.  I’d probably go back there again when the roses are in bloom as Hana Festa is also considered as the best rose garden in Japan.



I can’t really read kanji, but this is the bus schedule.


How To Go There:

From Nagoya Station, ride a train bound for Tajimi.  Get off at Tajimi Station and ride a JR Taita Line for Gifu.  Alight at Kani Station.  The total train fare from Nagoya to Kani is ¥ 970.  From Kani Station, you can ride a bus (refer to the bus schedule above) or take a taxi.

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