Shirakawago, Winter Wonderland

Winter Wonderland is real.  I’ve spent two winters in Japan and on those times I never failed to visit Shirakawago.  It is my favorite place during winter.  I had wonderful memories during my recent travel.

My trip last December 2015 was the most memorable because I got to spend it with my two friends.  I remember the first time I visited this place alone and told myself how special it would be if I could just share its beauty with family and friends from the Philippines.  As we were walking towards the village, my friend –who traveled for the first time in Japan, told me that she was about to cry.  I knew the feeling.  It was snowing heavily and the place was pristine white.  The date we chose to travel didn’t disappoint us because just by looking at the scenery, we knew we were in wonderland.

I enjoyed the place because it snowed all through out from the moment we arrived until we got on the bus.  We had to use an umbrella to keep our cameras dry and to keep the snow from getting our coats wet.  Well, from time to time, we savored the beauty of the snowflakes letting them cover us.

My friend took a lot of pictures and videos of us.  I didn’t have to worry about not capturing my moments in this beautiful place.  We were born in a tropical country so snow is something we considered magical. Each of us took turns making our own little snowman.  We made a video greeting our loved ones a happy new year.  My friend made a snow angel, and then after that, we had to look for missing gloves.

I remember telling my friend that she was lucky because not all first-time travelers in Japan go to Shirakawago unless they read or heard of it beforehand.  This place is famous locally but it’s a secret gem for foreign tourists.  Shirakawago is one place I wouldn’t miss every winter.


If you want to see how Shirakawago looks like during summer, you can check my previous post Summer in Shirakawago.

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