Holiday Travel


During the holidays last month, my friend went for a visit.  It’s rare to have someone from home come and visit me here in Japan so I’m really thankful that she made it happen. I thought I was going to spend the holidays by myself.

Our travel consisted of moving from one place to another so we each had our own luggage. My friend had two pieces of heavy luggage.  It was painful especially when we arrived in stations with no available elevators. At the same time, we had to make it to our train schedule.  It was a hectic kind of travel as we had different destinations every day.

It was during this travel that I saw the ugly side of myself.  We were together for seven days and I realized the consistency of how I behaved. For a long time I thought I already know myself.  I’ve always had adequate moments to be alone, to reflect, to understand myself.  But I’ve realized that the ‘me’ when I’m alone is different with the ‘me’ when I’m with somebody.

Traveling never runs out of lessons and realizations.  It tests you and brings out the negative side of you that you didn’t know existed.  It tests friendship and compatibility.  It tests how willing you are to endure for one’s person’s happiness.  And at the end of the journey, it tests how you and your companion are willing to give each other a chance to wrap up everything the way you envisioned its start, both excited and in deep friendship.

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